Every single week there is a large choice of live classes in our cloud office. Whether it is Pam doing one-on-one coaching or Gabe doing how to build your website, we have many classes for new and even established agents all week long. Starting point Tuesdays is for new agents that want to find out how to get their career jump started in real estate.

Not only do we have a large amount of live classes in our cloud office but we also are building the largest online catalog of real estate classes through our YouTube channel. Exp realty also offers a YouTube live channel to watch company events like our leadership meeting on Fridays.

I have personally been teaching about farming and have done a 101 and a more detailed 201 class. Our state brokers across the country are teaching classes like lead generation, technology and working with your sphere of influence.

Although we may not have the most orthodox training system, I truly believe it to be the most efficient and time-saving choice in my busy business schedule to learn more about the real estate business.

Here in Atlanta, we also hold meetings to learn about contracts and how to grow your personal real estate business. We also have been doing a new agent training class and that has gone over very well. If you would like a tour of our cloud office or or physical offices in Atlanta please let me know. I would be glad to share what is helping so many of our agents become successful in the real estate business.