Top Metro Elementary Schools per

  • Sweet Apple – Roswell
  • Summit Hill – Alpharetta
  • Charles R. Drew – Atlanta
  • Medlock Bridge – Alpharetta
  • Tritt – Marietta
  • Vanderlyn – Dunwoody
  • Brandon – Atlanta
  • Morningside – Atlanta
  • Mount Bethel – Marietta
  • Simpson – Norcross
  • Warren T Jackson – Atlanta
  • Timber Ridge – Marietta
  • Keheley – Marietta

Everyone wants to know… Where are the best schools in Atlanta? Or What is the best elementary school in Atlanta? These are great questions but there is no simple answer. Atlanta schools are always changing some getting better and some getting worse depending on teachers and principals and parent interaction. There are so many variables that keep the Atlanta school system changing.

Years ago the Atlanta school system stopped ranking schools. This includes all schools in the northern suburbs as well as the city of Atlanta. This leads rankings for sites like schooldigger or greatschools. The only way they can really write these schools is by student-teacher ratio, test scores and that’s about it. There are so many other variables to what the best school is that I always recommend my real estate clients go in visit a school before they decide to judge whether they should send their child they’re awful just test scores. It is important to meet the teachers and the principal and find out what great things a school might have going on.

The interesting thing about Atlanta elementary schools  is that some of the top names in Atlanta elementary schools like Sarah Smith or Warren Jackson are not always the highest ranking on these external sites. Many times there is a pedigree to a Vanderlyn or Austin elementary school district that continues to drive parents to purchase in that particular school system. Schools that are up-and-coming like Ashford Park or Teasley elementary are moving up in the rankings due to parental involvement, funding and great teachers.

Your first real important choice for school is elementary high school can be a tricky one in Atlanta. You may have to go to the suburbs to find some of the top high schools in and around metro Atlanta. These include schools like Walton school district or pope school district and especially a lot of the Gwinnett county powerhouse high schools.

We pride ourselves on having one of the top websites to search for schools in Atlanta. This new technology allows you to search by map or by school district with just one easy click. No matter if you’re looking for the top elementary school districts or even your perfect high school for your graduating middle school student we can help. Searching for homes in school districts does not have to be difficult and we would like to help you. We also have agents on staff that work and live in the school districts to help you make the best possible choices after you have done your research on external sites and found the perfect home or condo on ours.