Castleberry Hill Lofts and Condos Available

The Castleberry Hill neighborhood has long been recognized as one of Atlanta’s most creative and historic areas to move? With a review of available loft-style properties, Peters and Walker Streets in Castleberry may be the place to start. There is a variety of unique, one of a kind properties lining up along these two streets, each with their own flair. A large portion of these lofts also offer larger than 2000 square foot layouts, soaring ceilings and huge floor to ceiling windows. Since most of these lofts have been converted from twentieth century warehouse buildings, they offer a lot of original features to that time period in which they were built along with added modern features for the kitchens and bathrooms. Lofts have long been the preferred housing type in Castleberry Hill especially for those buyers who require a different type of city living. Easy access to the downtown freeways exits also make Castleberry Hills a top choice for those who commute to work. I consider it the neighborhood for the young artist and entrepreneur or the business person who has a 2nd home outside of the suburbs. If you find yourself looking in this Beltline Neighborhood or for more information on lofts intown Atlanta and general questions about purchasing a home, contact eXp Realty Beltline Specialist Pauline Bowman at 678-682-1221 or

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