Ian Marshall Realty Announced!

I am really excited and wanted to share some news with you.

Ian Marshall Realty copy

After enjoying 5 very productive years with Keller Williams Realty, I have made the decision to start my own Real Estate firm here in Atlanta and am currently up and running! My basis to create this company was on one main objective and that is to offer a full range of commission options to the consumer. Our listing plans will range from Flat fee of $399 with a la cart marketing options all the way up to the 3% full service option. We will be one of very few Atlanta Real Estate firms offering everything from flat fee to full service, I am extremely excited to fill that need.

I am sure you are curious about the new company name. The name of the firm is Ian Marshall Realty (I know..how creative?). The main reason for the name is that our Atlanta real estate site is closing in on our 1,000,000 unique visitor (some time next month) and the number 3 term searched on Google to find us, behind “Atlanta lofts” and “Atlanta condos” was my name. So in keeping with the current successful
branding, we are using Ian Marshall Realty as our company name. Creating this company in Georgia has no effect on the other cities I do business in which are Charlotte, Nashville, and Austin. Those sites and teams will all continue to be up and running and the continued referrals are appreciated.

I am sure that you know other Realtors here in Atlanta and I respect that, but if there
is ever a time that you think a creative listing commission might work for someone that might not have the margins in the value of their home to use a full service agent or if you know someone that wants to place their home in the listing service as a rental, we would be honored to help! If you have any questions or I can help in anyway, feel free to call us at 404.281.6350.

I am really excited about this new venture and I appreciate your continued support. These are not easy times for anyone but I feel if I keep the consumer’s best interest in mind and fit a niche that is currently being overlooked in the Atlanta Real Estate market, all we can do is succeed!

Ian Marshall

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