Looking to Buy a Home Intown on a Beltline Neighborhood?

Contact eXp Realty.

If you are a buyer who would like more information about moving to one of the Beltline neighborhoods or a potential seller with questions about how to list your property, eXp Realty has a Beltline Home Specialist ready to assist you. Pauline has currently lived on the Beltline neighborhood for the last 4 years. She brings over 10 years’ experience in Real Estate and Property Management combined. With the ever changing real estate market and the quick selling of newly listed properties in the Beltline area, you will want to keep up to date on those changes and need a professional to walk you through the process of how to buy in these neighborhoods. There is great opportunity to purchase now and in the near future, so allow eXp’s Beltline Specialist to help you understand the Beltline and why this is one of the best areas intown to purchase now. For more information contact Pauline Bowman at 678-682-1221 or pauline.bowman@exprealty.com

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