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OK, so why is EVERYDAY in caps?? Everyday, I think about things to write on this Atlanta Real Estate blog and 99% of the time it is about Atlanta Neighborhoods, Atlanta Condos, why I think My team and I are the best Atlanta Realtors around or some other kind of real estate related stuff.

So, I have to say Thank you to my Friend Kim Gokce of Fame for taking the time to send me an email and giving me an opportunity to stop just thinking about myself and what kind of real estate related blog I can come up with but how I can harness our 1500+ unique visitors a day to help someone else in need!

Here is a short expert from Julie Strudthoff LeFevers 2 Day Atlanta walk for breast cancer page;
Most of you know about my family’s experience in dealing with cancer. I lost my brother to cancer in 2005. My mother is a 12 year breast cancer survivor. My sister is a 9 year thyroid cancer survivor. And I am now 6 years into my battle with breast cancer. Although I try to keep a positive attitude, I am still faced the harsh reality that….. read more

Please take the time to visit the link below or click on the Button to read about an amazing family that you can help!

Link to read more…

Oh and by the way……….I will match the total donations that are made from this blog up to a total of $1,000! (and start with a $100 donation to get the ball rolling)

Just so I know you have donated through our Atlanta real estate blog, please take the time to comment below on how much you donated and whos name and I will make sure that your donation is matched! It would be awesome to help Julie reach her $3000 goal in the 2008 Atlanta 2 day walk!

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