Real estate for sale in Glenwood Park


Located along Glenwood Avenue in between Grant Park and Moreland Avenue is the mixed-use neighborhood of Glenwood Park. It sits literally right on the Atlanta Beltline which runs down Bill Kennedy Way and connects intown neighborhoods with a paved trail for walking, running and biking. In this small but all inclusive community you have condos, town homes and single family homes all based arounda park and a mini city with shops, restaurants and retail establishments; you never really have to leave Glenwood Park and when the new Fuqua development is built across from Maynard Jackson high school, things will be even more turnkey. One day we might even see the light rail system come to fruition that will provide citizens with quick and efficient transportation on the Beltline that will carry them along a mini 285 inside the perimeter. Real estate is flying off the market in this area for no other reason than proximity to the Beltline, walkability to Grant Park and East Atlanta and a great quality of life where one can live, work and play all in one central location within a couple of miles of Downtown Atlanta.