Real estate for sale near the new Braves stadium

homes-close-to-the-braves-stadiumWith the announcement of the Braves moving to Cobb many people are looking for homes for sale close to the newly announced stadium. Now that the Braves are going OTP many investors will be looking for rental properties as well as out-of-state Braves fans looking for affordable properties to purchase very close to the stadium. Not only are these investors in luck but also Braves players or staff looking to have a beautiful multi-million-dollar luxury property close to the stadium have a ton of choices.

I really cannot make this up, homes range from just over 50K near the Braves stadium to well over $40 million. Yes, there is a listing for $48 million very close to the Braves stadium that is currently for sale. Homes in the area typically range from 200K to 2 million but there are some outliers in the mix.

It is nice that Cobb taxes are a tad bit lower than Fulton or Dekalb and the fact that there are condos for sale close to the newly proposed stadium makes for having a second home in Cobb County much easier to deal with then previously around downtown Atlanta. If you are looking for a property close to the proposed Braves stadium, let us know our team at eXp Realty and the Ian Marshall real estate group are here to help.