Revenue idea for Realtors – GOOGLE ADSENSE

As everyone knows, real estate is a cyclical business with ups and downs. One way for a Realtor to weather
the slower times and make additional income is to add Google adsense to your web site. Google adsense is a simple code that you add to your site and Google chooses the adds that will match your content. To sum it up….Google adsense is a system to advertise services or products on your site to a targeted audience. When you add Google adsense to your real estate web site, you have choices of what the add will look like. Google adsense is not a get rich quick scheme and you will not be able to retire overnight.

If you have decent traffic and good content, you will however see click through patterns and a steady stream of income start coming in. I have utilized Google adsense for 3+ years and although Google does not allow you to disclose adsense income, I can say that my real estate related Google income on a monthly basis more than takes care of my car note, web site cost, office bills and gas money. If you are a Realtor and have any questions about Google adsense….please feel free to contact me and I would be honored to help!

One obvious drawback of having Google adsense on your site is that your competitors are sure to be using Google adwords and WILL show up on your site. You CAN however use Google competitive ad filter.

Google’s policies are changing quite often. I recommend reading the terms of Google Adsense before becoming an affiliate.

A few strict Google adsense rules…

-Do not create multiple accounts.

-Do not modify the Google adsense Code.

-Do not place adsense ads on pages with prohibitive content.

-No more than 3 adds on one page.

-Never click your own adds!

-No headings like..”Don’t forget to help us out by visiting our website sponsors”.

-No mimicking Google ads with other ads that you might sell on your site.

If you would like to see some examples of how I have utilized adsense check out the following sites…

Ansley Park Homes

Ausitn Mansions

Charlotte Neighborhoods

Nashville Lofts

Adsense is a great ways to utilize your web site for addition income during your slower real estate seasons. Good Luck!!

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