What’s happening in Atlanta real estate?


This has been a super interesting year to say the least.


Home Prices and Millennials in Atlanta

We are seeing some of the highest prices we have ever seen in Atlanta since 2007 and volume is still not quite there. I would love to see the millennial’s come into the market and purchase many of the starter homes that investors like Black Rock or Starwood are snatching up.

Over Hot Home Builders?

I am seen many overeager Atlanta homebuilders get excited about prices, but in most markets I am not seeing those new homes flying off the shelf. I believe we still have some time to get through previous inventory before those new homes sell for premium. This is just a general statement and I know that every area in Atlanta is different. Homes in Buckhead and Brookhaven are selling like hotcakes yet places like Dunwoody and Roswell are still a little bit slower to get in the game.

Where are interest rates going in Atlanta?

This Atlanta market is an interesting one and I have to say that the wildcard is interest rates. Depending on what happens with them we could really see our market hit the pause button. Hopefully rates will continue to stay low and buyers will still feel comfortable as mortgage companies start to open up some of their guidelines for loans.

eXp Realty in Atlanta

Overall 2014 has been an incredible year for exp realty in Atlanta and nationally. We are on track for just shy of 100 million of homes sold in the Atlanta market and next year I truly believe will be better. If you have any questions about the Atlanta real estate market, reach out to me I would be absolutely glad to help you understand what is currently going on in your part of town.