Will Atlanta Ever Embrace it’s Downtown?

downtown-atlanta-condosLately I’ve been reading a lot of articles about exciting developments in Downtown. As a native Atlantan, I have often joked to my friends and clients that I don’t know my way around Downtown because I am from here and no one from Atlanta goes Downtown. As sad as it sounds, you know it’s true. There are so many neat things to do Downtown, and not just the touristy things like World of Coke or The Georgia Aquarium. Castleberry Hil, our loft district, is a great neighborhood with some cool restaurants and even cooler art galleries. Centennial Olympic Park has the potential to be a great venue…. at least one of Atlanta’s favorite local hip hop groups, Outkast, thinks so. Their 3 shows this September sold out almost immediately. For a smaller venue and more intimate vibe, The Tabernacle has always been one of my favorite places to catch a show.

There are several upcoming projects that could really help turn Downtown into the next hotspot for tourists and locals alike. I am so excited about the much delayed Atlanta Street Car and can’t wait to hop on for a visit to Centennial Olympic Park. The sale and redevelopment of Underground Atlanta has amazing potential. I remember my mom taking my brothers and me there as a kid and I look forward to sharing that experience with my nieces and nephews. Turner Field is 77 acres of opportunity for greatness in Downtown. A mixed-use development there could be the game changer.

Current real estate prices in Downtown are almost unbelievably low. There are so many historic buildings with amazing views located right in the heart of our Downtown. Being witness to the transformation Midtown and many other intown neighborhoods have made over the past 10-15 years, I am optimistic Downtown will do the same. Smart buyers will do well to consider embracing Downtown now. I am definitely on board and eager to watch it all happen.