00J0J_jWdSMyi3kFY_600x450I have recently had a little bit of time due to the holidays to think about the past year and how amazing it has been making the switch to EXP Realty. I spent my first couple years at a fine company called Keller Williams, I then started my own firm and sold my firm to EXP a little over one year ago. The numbers truly speak for themselves, my firm had just shy of 20 agents here in Atlanta and we have hired over 60 this year to date and we are not done yet. I’m forecasting five more agents for the month of December alone here. I could’ve never done that owning my own Realty firm because of the limitations of staff, technology, overhead and the time it would take with each of these agents. EXP Realty offers me the opportunity to grow as large as I could ever imagine while having the most amazing is support staff aiding in my gross and supporting every single step along the way. There are not many agents in the country that could say the same thing and with EXP only having just shy of 500 agents right now, the opportunity to start growing your revenue share line and to start getting sharers of the publicly traded company for doing things like selling your first home or capping is an amazing opportunity that I would not personally ever passed by. How many people can say that they were with the first, this is truly the first real estate company that takes the great things from every single company out there like Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX, Keller Williams and so on and puts them all into one amazing company that is as transparent as it gets. If you want to know the financials with EXP just take a look at their most recent 10-Q. Many companies like KW are private and you will never know where the money goes. With EXP Realty we are all shareholders and all have the opportunity to see and be involved in the growth and revenue of a company with incredible leadership and momentum.


exp-Atlanta-georgiaThe backbone of all of this is the cloud office and the opportunity to collaborate and grow with agents that are not our main competition and our market and are willing to share some of the best practices that they are involved in their areas of the country. This is like taking a local market Center for any real estate firm and putting it on steroids. Can you imagine if you could learn from some of the top agents in California or Texas all by not having to get on a plane and having the opportunity to communicate with these agents ask questions and share techniques with them as well. All of this is available for only $50 a month and a low split of 80/20 with a 16 K. My first year at EXP has been an incredible one and I look forward to many more years of growth and I’ve also cannot wait till this company grows enough momentum to be mainstream and we can look back and say I remember when we were under 500 agents and that opportunity was still there. If you would like more information about EXP Realty or how we can help you with lead generation real estate websites or growing a team then please feel free to contact me with the link above. If you are reading this, thank you for taking the time and I truly appreciated and hope you have a great 2014 holiday season.