Here is your chance to explore Saint Simons Island as if you were a local. Check out these pictures of the island taken by myself and other locals. These pictures range from weddings, to wildlife, to shopping and the beach. If you would like to see island living at its best then feel free to browse through our local pictures from Saint Simons Island. I would however like to ask you not to reuse these images since many of them are taken by friends and local photographers that would prefer them to stay on the site. If you are interested in some of the pictures please reach out to me and I will check and make sure that we can share them. I have also not included many real estate pictures on here since most of our website is focused on Saint Simons real estate including homes and condominiums. The specific page is more geared towards what it is like to live on Saint Simons Island from the view of locals. Whether it is golf, fishing or eating, Saint Simons Island is one of the most special places in America and I am proud to be able to offer this page for you to see what island living is like.

Not only do you find beautiful canopies of trees, marsh front views and amazing sunsets but Saint Simons also offers something that cannot be seen. it is probably one of the most friendly places you will find where locals and visitors greet you with a smile and a friendly hello most of the time. You will find celebrities and athletes like professional golfers that like to make their home on the island because of the small town feel, security and the accessibility to private and local regional airports. Although these pictures may highlight island living, it is the people that make Saint Simons one of the most special places in America. I probably should not have to list the top reasons to move to Saint Simons Island when all you have to do is scroll through these pictures and use our site to see some of the beautiful homes available on the island. If we can help you at all with your island home search please let us know. We would be honored to help.